All About Custom Shirts For Mahi Fishing

July 12, 2021

Fishing is a well-loved sport in most places as it’s a fun activity and an important part of the economy. This is especially when it comes to the South Florida area. 

One of the most popular fish around many restaurants and with locals is dolphin. Don’t be fooled by the name, though.This is not the kind of dolphin that you see swimming by your boat in the wild or at SeaWorld performing tricks and jumping through hoops!

This is a popular fish that also goes by the name more commonly known as Mahi-Mahi. It has a distinctly sweet and mild flavour that pairs well with tropical fruits such as mangos, which are also a popular locally harvested food. 

Mahi can be predominantly found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans near more tropical temperatures. They are highly popular around Florida, Costa Rica, Panama, Hawaii, California, the Caribbean, and plenty more places. 

They swim in schools and explore the open ocean, but can also be found hiding amongst large objects such as seaweed, kelp, and other floating objects. Mahi feed on the smaller bait fish or crustaceans living under seaweed formations, which is one of the main reasons you will discover them in such areas.They are hard to miss and made up of beautiful neon green, yellow, and blue hues with rounded heads. Their heads curve into large fins on their backs, making them quite a sight to see. 

Mahi are impressive swimmers, going up to 40 miles an hour and covering nearly 2,000 miles in one month of migration! They typically live for 7 years and are fully matured around 4 years of age. They actually spawn most of the year, which is beneficial due to the fact that they are also a  very popular fish to eat. 

To fish for Mahi, you will need to go off-shore on a boat. In the summer months, they do tend to swim closer to shore and enjoy the warmer temperatures. Mahi fishing is mainly done off of boats and never done off-shore. Mahi will eat pretty much any fish so it is not difficult to find bait that they will go after, they are fond of Ballyhoo and also enjoy squid. Mahi-Mahi mainly eat during daytime.

Reeling in a Mahi can take a few hours, or up to all day. This leaves fishers susceptible to harsh UV rays and reflections from the water. While sunscreen is important, it can only do so much, especially when you are sweating from the sun and heat. This is where American Shore fishing shirts come in handy!

Wearing one of our shirts will protect you from the sun all day long, and keep you cool while you reel in your next big catch! 

All of our shirts are:

  • Made in America
  • Custom designed
  • UPF 40+ Sun Protection
  • Cool Dry Material
  • Full Custom Dye Sublimation Print
  • Sizes XS-4XL
  • Available in Scoop or V-neck upon request
  • Available to add logo or branding

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