How to Clean Your Dye Sublimated Shirts

How to Clean Your Dye Sublimated Shirt

May 19, 2020

A dye sublimated shirt is an amazing asset to have in your wardrobe. The design quality of the shirt is practically unequal to other forms of design application and you can expect it to live for a long time. But with the absolute greatest proper care, your shirt can live even longer than expected. If you own a dye sublimated shirt then continue reading below to learn how to properly clean and care for it.

How to Clean Your Dye Sublimated Shirt

Washing Your Dye Sublimated Shirt

In order to maximize the life and performance of this type of apparel, it’s important that you follow the necessary steps.

When washing your dye sublimated shirts in the laundry machine, make sure that you’re washing it with cold water. You may have to purchase a separate NON-phosphorous detergent if you don’t already have one to clean them. And once the wash cycle is complete, you must removed them immediately.

Hanging them up to dry is most recommended. But if you’re pressed for time and want to dry quicker, you may place them in the dryer with a tumble dry setting on a low temp.

For The Best Results

For even better care to prolong your dye sublimated shirts’ lifespan, turn them inside out when placed in the wash. Use a MILD, NON-phosphorous detergent to reduce agitation during the cleaning cycle.

Avoid These Harmful Factors During Care

As stated earlier, you always want to wash your apparel with cold water. Heat application must be avoided at all costs, hence why dry cleaning is typically not recommended. Using hot water can potentially cause the color to bleed and fade away from your shirts. Additionally, we also stress on using non-phosphorous detergent because phosphates can also cause color bleeding. Chlorine bleach is also never advised since it will fade the colors, but more importantly, it will cause the fabric to weaken.

When you place your dye sublimated shirts in the wash, do not wash it with other garments. The colors from other such clothing could migrate into your dye sublimated shirts. We especially advised that you don’t include garments with zippers, buttons, and velcro, as they might cause snagging, pulls, or other blemishes to occur on your apparel.

Lastly, don’t ever run your dye sublimated shirts through a screen print dryer. The heat from the dryer can cause dye migration.

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