From custom-made patterns to eco-friendly dye sublimation printing to fabric trimming, roll slitting, and more, American Seashore is the go-to provider of anything to do with textile and fabric printing. For over 35 years, American Seashore has been South Florida’s number one choice for custom apparel and accessory printing. When it comes to digital textile printing, fabric printing, industrial-sized production runs, and more, we’ve got you covered.

Combine this expertise with the highest quality products available on the market and you have what makes American Seashore the premier manufacturer of digital textile printing, fabric printing, and custom-designed merchandise.

Give us a shout, and see why the residents and businesses of South Florida and the rest of the United States chose us as their only customized apparel, accessory, and merchandise digital printing service.


Proudly established in South Florida over 35 years ago, American Seashore started business exclusively as a textile and fabric trimming company. Over the decades, the team at American Seashore has grown and expanded our company to best fulfill our customers’ needs. Today, after the addition of expert services such as sample making, label changing, manufacturing consultation, and industrial-scale print capacity, among others, American Seashore is the unquestioned leader.

American Seashore is now the most versatile and experienced pleating, seaming, lacing, cutting, trimming, slitting, binding, digital textile printing, custom fabric printing, and specialty dye sublimation printing company in the United States.

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At American Seashore, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, American-made products. Additionally, we consistently strive to deliver exceptional customer service. The combination of our industry expertise and our commitment to excellence lets our clients know that they’re being served by a company that cares about their project.

Regardless of what kind of custom apparel, accessory, or printing service you’re in need of, you can trust American Seashore to get the job done for you. For over three decades, the residents and businesses of South Florida and the rest of the United States have trusted us to print, stitch, trim, and handle everything that has to do with their custom fabrics. Through this trust, we’ve been able to establish ourselves as the premier provider of custom digital textile and fabric printing jobs throughout the state of Florida, servicing corporations, sports teams, gift-givers, and much, much more. Consumers who have used our services know that we make the process a breeze.


From custom t-shirts to towels and everything in-between, we’re the number one choice for all of your custom apparel and accessory needs. If you’re in need of custom fabric services like printing, trimming, custom dye sublimation printing, and more, turn to American Seashore. Give us a call at (305) 573-1814 or use our contact form to request a free quote.


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