Coral Springs Custom Jerseys

Custom Jerseys In Coral Springs 

Are you looking for custom jerseys for your team in Coral Springs? Little league, minor league, or just for fun – American Seashore has got you covered. For over 25 years we’ve been assisting the residents of Coral Springs and beyond with making their dream custom jersey a reality. Baseball, soccer, football, and hockey – we do it all! Through our unique printing process, we make the most durable jerseys in South Florida. Provide us with your design or logo, or even just your idea, and we’ll make it a reality. Give us a shout, and learn why we’re the number one provider of custom jerseys in South Florida. 

American Seashore’s Jersey Printing Process 

At American Seashore, we print our jerseys utilizing a long-lasting and affordable printing process known as custom dye sublimation. This digital process uses heat to transfer dye onto many different materials. This process begins with ink composed of solid dye particles, which is suspended in a water-based liquid. Next, the ink is transferred onto another material that’s essentially a heat-resistant paper, printed in a reverse image. This heat-resistant paper not only accepts the ink but allows it to be transferred to the fabric in the next step of the process. Finally, the heat press is used to transfer the image from the paper onto the fabric of your choosing to create the finished product. 

In most cases, dye sublimation is used for printing on polyester and other similar, synthetic materials. This is due to the simple fact that the dye sublimation process looks the nicest and lasts the longest on these fabrics. These materials work the best because dye sublimation slightly melts polyester and other synthetic fabric, which fuses the design with the fabric. The result? The most colorful and durable custom Jerseys in Coral Springs and the surrounding areas. Regardless of your sport of choice, we’d love to help you bring your dream jersey to life. If you’re looking for the best custom jerseys that Coral Springs has to offer, look no further than American Seashore. 

American Seashore Is The Best Choice For Custom Jerseys In Coral Springs 

At American Seashore, we’ve been utilizing custom dye-sublimation to make jerseys in Coral Springs for as long as the printing process has been around. For over 3 decades, we’ve been the areas number one choice for all sorts of apparel customization processes, like trimming and pleating. Today, we’re one of the biggest manufacturers of custom dye-sublimated apparel and gear in the country. Want to learn more or receive a free quote? Give us a call at (305) 573-1814 or contact us online to learn more or get your free quote. 


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