Greenacres Screen Printing

We’re confident that when you hire American Seashore for screen printing services in Greenacres, it will be one of the best investments you can make as a business owner. Because we’ve worked with many popular businesses – Coca Cola and Dell, to name a couple – your business will likely thrive as a result of our screen printed apparel.

When it comes to designing apparel, screen printing is the optimal method. This is because of the technique’s cost-effective yet versatile process to help generate revenue for a business. Screen printing can be performed on just about any material, allowing business owners to choose various items to have designed. Plus, it’s a cheap way of utilizing effective marketing to increase brand awareness and draw potential customers to your business.

If you’re looking for the best screen printing in Greenacres, look no further than to American Seashore.

What is Screen Printing?

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The process of screen printing involves the transfer of ink through a mesh screen onto a material. The procedure is fairly quick but is also complicated to perform and requires the handiwork of a professional, such as those at American Seashore. Screen printing is commonly used on apparel such as sweaters, T-shirts, hoodies, and much more. It’s often used not just because of how cheap and efficient it is, but also because of its long-lasting results and versatility.

How Does Screen Printing Work?

First, the professional will create a reverse-image stencil of the desired design to be printed onto the material. Once crafted, the stencil is placed on a mesh screen that’s tightly fastened over a frame. This frame is centered on a material where a roller spreads the ink across the mesh screen to print. Once applied, the material is left to hang for at least an hour to dry.

Why Use Screen Printing in Greenacres?

If you hire a screen printing service in Greenacres, you’re likely going to see your business thrive through impactful marketing. This marketing is done by selling your apparel to consumers who will wear them in public to show off to other potential customers. This will help you differentiate yourself from surrounding competition as your brand awareness is increasing and you generate revenue. Also, because of how cost-effective it is, clients will hire screen printing services for other business-related purposes that aren’t exactly related to making profit (designing employee uniforms, for instance.)

Screen printing can become your best business tool when it comes to designing apparel with your brand/logo. When you hire American Seashore, expect to see a steady flow of profit entering your business.

Hire American Seashore for Your Screen Printing Needs in Greenacres

If you want the absolute best screen printing service in the Florida region, look no further than American Seashore. Because American Seashore has been around for over 30 years, we’ve become the most trusted and established screen printing business to exist in South Florida. When you hire us for screen printing, we’re confident that you’ll be added amongst our growing list of satisfied customers. To request a free quote, contact us online or give us a call at (305) 573-1814 today.


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