Screen Printing Kendall

Screen printing is a widely-practiced technique used by many companies both commercial and small.  The purpose of such a service is to place company designs on shirts, sweaters, and other articles of clothing. The practice is so commonly used that nearly every business in the world uses it for clothing design. Its popularity is due to the versatility and cost-effectiveness of the process. Many graphic apparels around the world are made with it. In fact, the graphic T-shirt you’re wearing now was probably designed using screen-printing. Here at American Seashore, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best screen printing service in Kendall. Our service has granted the city with high-quality fabric and design and if you’re looking for the best screen printing business in Kendall, look no further.

What is Screen Printing?

The technique of screen printing involves the transfer of ink onto a fabric material through a mesh screen. A stencil of the design is printed on this screen to block out areas where ink won’t be needed but still allowing it to penetrate the substrate. The technique is used mostly on apparel such as sweaters, T-shirts, and hoodies. The process creates long-lasting designs, which is who it’s the most commonly used apparel printing technique.

Screen Printing in Kendall

Screen Printing Process

Screen Printing is a process that involves the use of a thin polyester mesh screen, a stencil, some ink, and some article of clothing or substrate. Though a fairly complicated process, screen printing has been noted to be quick in designing multiple items at one time. First, the user takes the thin polyester screen and tightly applies it over a frame. The frame is then placed over the material that is going to be decorated with the design. A stencil with the reverse image of the design is placed on the frame so that it can forbid certain areas from being stained with ink. Once everything is in place, ink is rolled over the stencil and when the application is complete the material is set aside to dry.

Why Use Screen Printing in Kendall?

Screen Printing is a very affordable process used by many businesses across the world. It can be used to create uniforms for employees, sports teams, or some other organization. But it’s often regarded as one of the best aids in marketing.  Many businesses hire a screen printing service solely just to help in areas of advertisement and brand awareness. When a shirt is given to someone, they take it as a gift and will usually hold onto it for a long time. If you look in the clothing drawer of your bedroom you’ll see that you have shirts you’ve acquired years ago. So when a shirt designed with the logo of your business is given to someone, they’ll more than likely wear your shirt and promote your business for a long time. And depending on how many shirts you give out, you’ll have marketing taking place every day.

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If you feel you are in need of screen printing services in Kendall, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. American Seashore has provided screen printing in Kendall for over 30 years, making them one of the most trusted businesses to exist in South Florida. Apart from screen-printing, they also offer services in trimming, pleating, dye sublimation, and much more. If interested, get a free quote through our contact page or give us a call at (305) 573-1814 today.


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