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Why You Should Market Your Business Through T-Shirts

February 20, 2020

One of the most underrated forms of marketing is the use of clothing to promote brand awareness. If you think about it, you could pay for a TV commercial or a billboard, and those are great marketing tools to promote your business. But in due time, they will be put down and forgotten shortly thereafter. You could pay for another but it can be costly and it’s never a guarantee that you will receive big hits and sales from it. You should instead opt to give out gifts to potential customers and clients. When a gift is given, the receiver will hold onto it for a really long time. And a T-shirt will especially be held on to for years to come making them one of the best tools to use to promote brand awareness. Continue reading below to see why you should apply your focus in marketing through T-Shirts.


Earlier, it was said that you’d be paying too much for an ad that might not follow up with tremendous sales. A more cost-effective way to market your products or services is to just simply advertise them through T-shirts. You can get custom-designed T-shirts from just about any clothing provider for a cheap price, allowing you to gain more in profit will still having enough left over to market your products. American Seashores can offer a fair price for your T-shirt bundles and have been trusted to supply their products to various brands such as Vans, Budweiser, Amazon, etc.

Easy Promotion

Marketing through clothes is an easy solution to advertise your business, especially through T-shirts. Everybody wears T-shirts nearly every day. Sometimes, people just choose a T-shirt to wear for the day without consciously thinking about what the design of it is. This means, at any given moment, depending on how many T-shirts you’ve given away, someone is always wearing your shirt every day. You can sit back, relax, and do your work knowing that your business is being promoted constantly.

Good Conversation Starter

It’s probably happened to you more than once in your life. Someone has just complimented your T-shirt because it has a good design on it, leading up to a conversation about it and, sometimes, inquiries of where they can get a shirt like that themselves. This is one of the best features of marketing through T-shirts. If someone wearing your logo shirt can spark up a conversation with it then, odds are, an interested party will come knocking on the door of your business.

Long-Lasting Marketing

Unless something tragic happened where the T-shirt became heavily damaged, the T-shirt will last for a really long time. If you look through the clothing drawer in your bedroom, then you’ll notice that you still have T-shirts you’ve taken home from years ago. Likely, other people who have received your business logo T-shirt will keep it in their possession for a long time, too. At any given moment in the future, your shirt will still be worn by a patron supporting your business. For a longer-lasting T-shirt with good durability, look into the various shirt products of American Seashore. You’ll be interested to know that some of their products are made with close-knit, anti-snag material.

Want to Market Through T-Shirts? Order A Set With American Seashore

For over 25 years, American Seashore has serviced businesses across the nation in offering custom-designed apparel for all patrons who have hired them. Their services include more than just designing a T-shirt for you, they also offer stitching, pleating, trimming, and much more. If interested give us a call at (305) 573-1814 or visit our contact page.


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