Offering a wide variety of patterns and designs, there is no pleating, from Custom to machine or handmade that our experts won't deliver with perfection.

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American Seashore can make all kind of trimmings; straps, edging, fancy stitching, Pleating and loops. We can also work out around your desing and make custom trimming for specific needs.

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American Seashore has been providing Binding and Rewinding services for ovr 35 years in Florida and now all over the United States of America. Exellence in quality manufacturing and deliverance have been always a priority for our qualified staff.

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Slitting & Cutting

At American Seashore slitting services are powerful; high-speed, large format capabilities and extensive slicing capacities for fabric, plastic and paper materials making our production and delivery accurate and precise.

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Industrial Capacity

Our installations provide services to a wide variety of industries. From theme park attires to sports uniforms, designer apparel, military accessories, we can make it all and deliver on time.

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Sublimation Printing

The heat transfers the picture onto our fabric allowing us to print almost every design you can imagine, from photographs to computer drawings. Your image or ours, high production capacity and quality are guaranteed in all our products.

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