Benefits of owning a clothing subscription box

Why You Should Start a Clothing Subscription Box Service

March 23, 2020

Though it’s an industry that has been alive for only a few years, subscription box services have gained a massive following and continue to strive today as a success in the modern market.

If you’ve ever browsed through social media then you’ve likely come across these advertisements before. They’re ads about subscription boxes containing a certain product. They usually contain stuff such as makeup, food, books, and toys. There are even subscription boxes about murder mysteries. One of the most dominant forms of subscription boxes that have continuously dominated the market lately, though, is clothing.

Most consumers will happily subscribe to a monthly service where they receive something new and fashionable every month. It’s an excellent way to engage customers with your business as most like the excitement of wondering what they’ll receive in their next order.

Starting a monthly subscription box would be one of the absolutely best investments you could make. Here are some reasons why you should start one.

Benefits of Owning a Subscription Box Service


Perhaps the best benefit of owning and operating a subscription box service is the recurring revenue and steady stream of profit. When you send your customers through a sales checkout process, it only needs to be done one time. Afterward, they’ll keep buying from you every single month. Even if your sales are lacking, you’ll still receive profit on a regular basis. On top of that, constant cash flow doesn’t need to be achieved by just a monthly service — you can also offer a bi-weekly or even a quarterly service to consumers.


When you’re creating your design on your clothing, you want to make sure you create something that targets a certain niche. And as odd as it sounds, the crazier you make your design the more likely you’ll draw consumers to your business. Think of it like this, Murder mystery subscription box owners don’t generate a lot of revenue by just creating simple cases for patrons to solve. They create intricate mysteries for patrons to analyze and think over for days or even weeks on end. Likewise, when it comes to clothing, patrons don’t want something boring. Design something zany that would entice thousands of consumers to purchase your services.

Brand Awareness

Of course, with monthly services, consumers will be constantly under the influence of your brand. And the best part is, brand awareness doesn’t just happen with only your customers. your consumers might give away your shirt to another person, thus engaging even non-customers to wear your product and increase your brand awareness.

Most Importantly, It’s Cost-effective

Setting up your own business website and taking recurring payments from customers can cost about near nothing these days. Depending on how big you plan on making your business, you could even potentially work from out of your home’s garage. More importantly, it’s also easy these days finding a good provider to create your shirts at cheap costs. One such business, for instance, is American Seashore in South Florida. For over 25 years, American Seashores has been regarded as the most trusted business for custom apparel and accessory printing in Florida. They offer fair pricing on many shirts and you’ll likely be added amongst their list of satisfied customers.

Contact American Seashore & Get Your Custom Apparel For Your Clothing Subscription Box

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